What Is Exactly Ejaculatory Disorder

We are living in a world where we don’t even have a fraction of a second to attend to our needs. Whether its physical need or psychological need, we simply don’t have enough time, for we are busy.

Well, the busy life is giving you very less and, in turn, taking a whole lot including the romance from your life. Not a very good bargain, isn’t it?

Modern lifestyle has bestowed innumerable disease upon us including various forms of sexual disorders. Many a time experiencing sexual disorders takes an ugly shape and results in divorce. Men seldom open up, and their relations suffer drastically.

Why Is It Important For Men To Ejaculate?

Having reached the point when a man ejaculates, men feel physically, emotionally and sexually fulfilled. Ejaculation is also important because it helps release an excess of stress that prevents them from thinking, acting and living freely and happily.

It has been scientifically proven that when a man ejaculates a whole lot of changes take place in him.

Apart from the pleasure that they derive via sexual intercourse or masturbation, men also experience some sort of indescribable emotional feeling which they look forward to.

However, associating ejaculation only to pleasure would be incorrect, for during sexual intercourse reaching the point of ejaculation leaves men emotional towards their partner.

Hindrance of any nature in this process of experiencing pleasure upsets any couple. Therefore, understanding ejaculatory disorder is not only crucial but also mandatory.

Ejaculatory Disorder

Believing that they are going through some form of sexual disorder disturbs men emotionally and mentally.

Social stigma or turning into a laughing stock or being seen as weak haunts them and takes a heavy toll on their health. Engulfed in an absolute illusion to be the only one who ever has happened to experience such an issue, they fail to seek medical assistance and communicate with their partner.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call ejaculatory dysfunction as one of the most distressing forms of sexual dysfunction. Incomplete intercourse troubles a married couple and deprives them off from enjoying a fulfilled life.

Types of Ejaculation Disorder

As the disorder varies in type so does the treatment and the medication it calls for.

One is administered a medication by considering his medical history. In other words, before a doctor subjects his patients to any medication he considers a range of factors so that the administered medication does go as planned.

Ejaculation disorder could be of many types such as-

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Retarded ejaculation

Notable Treatments Available For The Disorder

Like any other diseases, the ejaculatory disorder is also curable. Initially, you should try Erect On Demand.  With due attention and necessary medications, one can easily come back to normal mode. Some of the effective treatments for ejaculatory disorder are-

The technique of start-stop- it is a sort of masturbation exercise. It has been proven to be highly effective and result-oriented.

Therapy- numbers of therapy focuses on educating a couple to understand the functioning of each other’s body.

Benefits Of Opting For Therapy

The classic benefits of any therapy are:

  • It strives to make couple aware of the existence of any issue that probably might be the cause of frequent riffs between them.
  • Often it has been found women complain of their partners’ decreased interest in them and their sexual relation.
  • Couple-sex therapy educates women on this issue by helping them understand that the reduced interest in sexual activity is due to sexual disorder rather than a deliberate attempt to torture them.
  • Therapy apart from educating couple about each other plays an outstanding role in strengthening the bond between a couple at emotional levels.

How Does Disorders Such As These Originate?

Complaints of sexual disorders as one grows older are quite normal. Those in the age group of 30 and 40 begin to experience sexual disorder and find it shocking.

The occurrence of the issue strikes them hard between the eyes. Accepting and coping the issue is one of the most important and challenging tasks.

Sexual disorder can occur due to a wide variety of reasons such as-

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic diseases like liver failure and kidney failure
  • Major surgeries
  • Strokes
  • Anxiety related to turmoil in relation, poor performance during sexual intercourse
  • Depression and other mental disorder

Some Common Diseases and Conditions Leads to Various Sexual Disorder

One who have had gathered their own information on this topic, or one who have had the experience of suffering from the sexual disorder, can easily name a few common diseases that lead to a range of these disorders.

For example, diabetes, prostrate surgery, injury to the neck, spine or the penis, stroke, and mental disorder.

These diseases set the stage and shove men’s normal life off the track and make them the prey of some of the most hazardous and torturing health issue.

The nature of complaints from men with sexual disorder is like-

  • They find it difficult to maintain an erection
  • They experience low sex drive
  • They are least interested in any form of sexual activity
  • They are distressed with relationship issues
  • Amount of Semen secretion has been seeing new low with each passing day

Complaints of these form and nature fall under the category of normal only till the time these complaints don’t become a routine.

On observing the regular occurrence of the same situation, one must rush to a qualified doctor.

Going for medication without consultation from one’s doctor only serves to worsen the matter. Treatments are available.

How to use it and when to use are the questions that only a doctor must, and should, offer to those with sexual dysfunction.