What Is Ejaculation Disorder? What Are Its Various Types?

The impact of advancement in science and technology is terrific. Such was its impact that a few decades ago diseases, which were beyond the comprehension of men and science, today, are not only curable but also preventable.

Whether it is chronic diseases or diseases related to heart or mental disorders or sexual disorders, Science has helped mankind derive an answer to all of these threatening diseases.

Ejaculation disorder one such type of sexual disorder is said to be prevalent in one out of five men. What’s ironic about sexual disorders is that, most probably, they may not be as grim as any other disease, but knowledge regarding them is awfully low which in turn makes the issue complicated.

Ejaculation Disorder

Ejaculation disorder is of many types. Without wasting any more time, let’s understand it’s various types and also what do they mean.

  • Retrograde ejaculation: it is that form of ejaculation disorder in which the ejaculation, instead of taking place in a normal order, follows a reverse order and is pushed back into the bladder.
  • Retarded ejaculation: a form of ejaculation disorder in which the ejaculation takes place at a relatively low speed.
  • Premature ejaculation: Ejaculation that occurs within seconds of vaginal penetration or one that occurs too soon is known as premature ejaculation.
  • Aspermia: there is also a form of ejaculation problem in which secretion of semen from the penile is nil.
  • Azoospermia: and there is a highly upsetting form of ejaculatory disorder in which semen secrets but without the presence of sperms.

Factors That Leads To Ejaculatory Disorder

To single out any one reason that leads to ejaculatory disorder is impossible. Factors that lead to ejaculatory disorder depend on its type and also on the medical condition of the concerned person. It could be due to the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Usage of drugs such as antidepressants
  • Prostate surgery
  • Mental disorder
  • Nervousness and anxiety

Timely Intervention Is Highly Recommended

Embracing an active physical life has always been the top advice from the experts to keep almost any sort of disease at bay. Take Erect on Demand expert advice to help with ejaculatory disorder.  Appropriate information to gauge the symptoms and keeping one’s doctor informed of all the read symptoms is the perfect way to assist oneself and thereby one’s family members.