What Are The Best Alternative Methods For Sexual Health?

Is there truly a need for alternative methods for sexual health? Well, male sexual health issues can happen to anybody and at any point in life. They do not come announced, expect a few warning signs. There are plenty of medical and clinical ways to deal with them.

These days, there is medication available for everything. There are pills for low libido and premature ejaculation. Implants and pumps are advertised for erectile dysfunction. There are thousands of male health specialists that can prescribe a pharmacy full of options.

The medications definitely work – there is no doubt about it. However, they need not be the first course of action. The idea behind alternative methods for sexual health is to remove the lifestyle and psychological causes, rather than relying on medication.

Need For Alternative Methods for Sexual Health

Agreed, the right medicine and treatment can solve just about any problem there is. Most of these medications are taken for growing health problems and are indispensable. Yet, they have a number of side effects that we not think about. And for most part, the side effects include breakdown in sexual health.

Taking further medication to fix sexual health issues becomes a vicious cycle. The medications try to counteract side effects and our body becomes worse for wear. While some sexual problems will need proper treatment and therapy, others may find relief with the help of alternative methods for sexual health.

Some of the best methods to achieve sexual health for men are:

Change of Lifestyle

A message that is blasted into our ears these days is that we are living an unhealthy lifestyle. While we may think otherwise, the truth is that we do not live in the best way possible.

There are three main areas alternative methods for sexual health can be applied. These are alcohol consumption, smoking and drug consumption. Agreed, the generations before us drank and smoked in the same quantities – but they were more active than we are. As for drug consumption, we tend to use medicines for almost every ailment. These have a negative impact on sexual health.

Quitting all three cold turkey isn’t the best option. Not only will it cause a fair amount of withdrawal, it won’t be a permanent solution. Bad habits have to be edged out or replaced by better habits. Limiting access to nicotine and alcohol is a start. Try reducing medicines for the small things – sleeplessness, stomach upset, cramps, and headache. You may notice a change in your sex drive.


You may prefer the gym or outdoor exercise, but yoga presents different benefits for male sexual health. It is one of the better alternative methods for sexual health as it helps the body function better. If possible, the combination of yoga and exercise is the best.

Yoga helps in various aspects of functioning. It helps in regulating breathing patterns, preventing you from running out of breath. It increases flexibility of the limbs, allowing them to stretch and function better. Yoga is said to align the chakras of the body and increase both virility and fertility in men. It also provides the chance to meditate and clear out the mind.

These alternative methods to sexual health may sound like new age mumbo-jumbo. However, there are definite benefits to yoga and exercise. They allow the body to return to a natural state of functioning as well as reduce stress. Together, it reduces elements that can lead to lack of sexual desire, low libido or erectile dysfunction.

A Cleaner and Healthier Diet

There is a lot said about how our eating habits have changed in the last few decades. This is quite true, as we have shifted from freshly cooked meals to processed food. This puts quite a damper on our physical health and keeps us from performing to our fullest. While the link may not seem obvious at first, if you look – you will find it.

Eating till we’re too full causes bowel problems, and when the stomach is pain – performing in bed isn’t the easiest thing to do. Not getting adequate nutrition, putting on excessive amount of weight and overeating lead to other issues. The blood vessels start getting clogged and stops blood flow. The muscles become weak and flabby. While it does not affect us in our 20’s, the results become far more obvious in our 30’s and 40’s.

To aim for a happy sexual life even after mid 30’s, men should start taking care of themselves immediately. These alternative methods for sexual health promote the idea of being healthy and allowing the body to work the way it should.

Couples Therapy

If a crack in the relationship is leading to sexual problems in the bedroom, then couples therapy may be a good start. As one of the alternative methods for sexual health, it allows men to be more open about their expectations in the bedroom. It also helps couples discuss the best way to work around sexual issues.

Male sexual health is not only physical, but psychological as well. Therapy can help resolve psychological stress points such as lack of intimacy, feelings of inadequacy and much more. There is also a possibility of using sexual surrogates to work through deeper sexual health problems.

Men, do talk to your doctor for good sexual health. If it necessary, then medication is the path to take. However, do consider a natural path towards healing as well. Although alternative methods for sexual health are not as popular, they are effective.

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