Warning Signs That You May Be at Risk for Sexual Health Problems

Male sexual health issues rarely announce themselves before showing up. The signs and warnings build up over time – going unnoticed till there is an issue. There are certain ways to assess risk for sexual health problems. These conditions are the ones most likely to create instances of low libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility and ejaculatory problems.

Not all of them will lead to a sexual health issue. However, a combination of two or more is definite sign that you are at risk. Men, take notice and do a thorough check of these warning signs!

Use of Medications

If you pick up a medicine bottle, it will usually have the side effects listed. There are a number of them that can start at any point. Starting with drowsiness, they end at risk for sexual health problems. Not many of us have been paying attention to that in particular.

Common over the counter and prescribed medications lead to loss of interest in sex. This has been observed in medicines for diabetes, hypertension, anti-depressants and many others. Although it is temporary, it can lead to problems with libido over time.

After all, not feeling sexual or being able to perform can have a major impact on men. However, there are ways to prevent it. One is to pick over the counter medicines without the effects. Also, talk to your doctor about changing the medicine or ways to reduce risk for sexual health problems.

Old Age

It is a fact that has to be faced. A mans libido changes as he ages, and it grows weaker. Once you have crossed a certain age, expect the body to cease functioning the way it used to. This puts men at risk for sexual health problems.

Sudden aging due to disease or lack of care can lead to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men. It is also the time to start checking for prostrate health and get annual check ups done. The focus should not solely be on sexual intercourse, but on overall health at this stage.

Low Testosterone

The levels of testosterone in the body are quite important. Not only do they regulate sexual desire in men, but also development of the body. Hormone levels often drop with age, but they should remain steady till the late 50’s.

Men with low levels of testosterone will be at risk for sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. They may also face infertility issues when trying for a child. This factor should be taken into consideration in a serious manner. A regular check up is important and should be done regularly.

If low testosterone levels are found early on, they can be treated over time. Hormonal therapy is a fairly successful method for the same.


Men often have to get some minor and some major surgeries done. Most of these are simple procedures, with low risks. It is the ones performed on the abdomen on pelvis that can cause risk for sexual health problems.

The abdominal region and pelvic region have a network of arteries and nerves that connects directly to the reproductive system. If any of these is damaged or cut during surgery, it can affect the flow of blood or loss of feeling. The loss of either can have repercussions on the ability to get an erection or take part in sexual intercourse.

The side effects of most surgeries are easy to fix, by repairing the damage. In some cases, such a vasectomy or invasive surgeries, it may not be possible. Before going in for a surgery, make sure you have discussed all your options with the doctor.

Self-Esteem/Self Confidence

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, self confidence plays a role in risk for sexual health problems. Men that do not find themselves attractive or have body dsymorphic disorder are at higher risk. Feeling uncomfortable in your own body is a surefire way to face problems with low libido, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Chronic Pain

There is hardly any part of our life that is not affected when chronic pain sets in. Pain in certain parts of the body like the arms and legs, is easier to deal with. It can be treated with a simple painkiller or over the counter medication. Other forms of pain need specialized treatment. Either way, it does put men at a risk for sexual health problems.

Conditions such as migraine, neck pain, bowel pain and back pain are the biggest libido killers possible. It is pretty much impossible to take part is sexual intercourse if you have a raging headache. Not to mention, the difficulty in performing if your back and neck won’t stop paining – or if your bowels hurt. In terms of risk for sexual health problems, chronic pain can decidedly end the sex drive by simple preventing any pleasure from it.

If the pain spreads – it can affect the lower half of the body to the detriment of the sex drive. The pain may cause either premature or delayed ejaculation. Pain management becomes rather important if things are to proceed smoothly. However, the side effect of many painkillers happens to be a drop in libido!

Relationship Issues

For the men in monogamous relationships, the sex drive faces a whole different risk for sexual health problems. Feeling attracted to your partner, loving and caring for them is quite important. It is equally important to have those feelings returned. When that does not happen, it can diminish the sex drive.

There are plenty of ways in which male sexual health problems can show up. You must ensure that the risk for sexual health problems is taken care of as soon as you spot them.

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