Understanding The Path Towards Dealing With Delayed Ejaculation

Does this sound like a familiar story? You get into the mood, the setting is just right. You engage in intercourse with your partner. However, no matter how much you try, you cannot ejaculate. If yes, then you may be dealing with delayed ejaculation.

By definition, if one cannot reach the stage of orgasm despite stimulation and desire, it is known as delayed ejaculation. It is a real sexual health issue. It happens to men all over the world. There are a number of reasons why it can occur.

  • Medical Conditions – The balance of our body is regulated by overall health. When we are facing medical problems, then it is bound affect the libido. Conditions such as thyroid imbalance, hormonal disorders and diabetes are the usual culprits when it comes to delay in orgasm.
  • Loss of Sensitivity – The head of the penis is quite sensitive. When it receives stimulation, the sensitivity creates the need to ejaculate. A lack of the same could cause delayed orgasms.

This can happen due to nerve damage because of trauma or a lack of sensation due to pelvic surgery. Excessive use of certain masturbatory techniques can also dull sensitivity in the head of the penis. If you are dealing with delayed ejaculation, do check out these possibilities.

  • It’s all in the Mind – Sexual intercourse is not all about the physical. If one does not feel good, then it can be hard getting to the point of ejaculation. Not feeling confident enough or feeling a lack of attraction is one of the reasons why delayed orgasms can take place. Discussing your issues with your partner or a therapist can help.

Delayed ejaculation may feel painful – both mentally and physically. However, it is not a lost cause. Taking care of these three reasons can help in gaining back confidence and sexual ability. Remember, when dealing with delayed ejaculation, patience is the key!

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