Tips for Dealing with Low Libido in the Bedroom

There is common term used to define the sex lives of couples where one partner suffers from a low libido. It is called the dead bedroom. The lack of a sex drive or interest in intimacy with a partner is usually the hallmark of such a state. However, there are ways for dealing with low libido in men.

Men suffering from low libido often find it doubly hard. For one, they are expected to always be ready to have sex. Second, they are not encourage to speak about sexual issues as much as women are. Put together, having a lowered sex drive puts additional pressure on men to perform.

If you find yourself feeling less and less in the mood or not wanting intimacy often, you should get yourself checked for low libido. There are a number of causes for a lowered sex drive. They range from hormonal changes to daily lifestyle problems to the side effect of medical conditions.

All of these can be solved with some effort on the part of men and their partners. Here are some basic tips for dealing with low libido in men:

Work On Your Communication & Try Couple’s counselling

Dealing with low libido can take a toll on one’s health, both physical and mental. At this point, being able to communicate with your partner takes on a new level of importance. A healthy sex life requires both the partners to understand each other.

First, talk to your partner about what you are experiencing. Try to explain the changes in your libido the best you can. There will be questions from your partner, so being patient is key. If you have already spoken to a doctor, you can ask them to bridge the gap between questions and answers.

The next step towards dealing with low libido is thinking of couples counselling. There are many such counsellors that specialize in working around sexual health issues. They can be of great help in preventing loss of sexual interest.

They can also help the partners communicate with ease. This often prevents misunderstandings between couples. Explore all of these options together to make sure that a low libido doesn’t affect your life in the long run.

Start Experimenting In The Bedroom

Keeping the initial spark alive is not easy in any relationship. It takes a fair amount of time and effort. When dealing with low libido in the bedroom, it becomes more important to put in the effort. Although a low libido can cause stress and anxiety, this is the time to work past it. A couple’s counsellor can be of help here.

Discuss the possibility of exploring new things with your partner. Put in some time in expanding your own horizons as well. This is the time to make changes in your usual sexual routine. Set aside your hesitations and try out different positions, techniques and sex toys. Focus more on foreplay and building up the libido over time.

If all goes well, then you will notice that dealing with low libido has become far easier than before.

Take Time to Remove Stress

Stress is the enemy of relationships in all forms and types. In the case of a sexual relationship, constant stress can prevent men from feeling engaged and attracted to their partner. When dealing with low libido, remember to try and remove stress in as many ways as possible.

This can be done in different ways. The first is to identify the sources of constant stress and distance them. Second is to try a form of relaxation, whether it is yoga, meditation or simply taking a peaceful 30 minute walk.

The Many Benefits of Exercise

A little exercise never hurt anybody, especially not in bed. One of the contributing factors to a low libido is not getting enough exercise. The reasoning behind this is simple enough. Many of us are stuck in a sedentary lifestyle because of our workspace. The lack of movement leads to gradual disuse of the muscles and body.

In time, the entire body starts to feel the same and we become lazy – both physically and mentally. When the belly starts putting on fat, many of us begin to feel less attractive and it leads to lack of interest over time.

Starting to exercise more often pumps new life into the mind and body. It releases happy hormones that are likely to help increase intimacy. It can also help in regulation of testosterone levels, bringing up the sex drive. Not to mention, exercising with your partner can lead to better understanding both in and out of the bedroom as well.

Hormonal Therapy

There are times when the cause of low libido is a hormonal imbalance in the body. We hear about hormonal treatments in the context of women, and we forget that they are as important to men. Lowered levels of testosterone are often behind the lack of sex drive in men.

Once identified as the cause, hormonal therapy is the best course of treatment. However, it does not come without challenges. As with women, hormonal treatment can cause mood swings at times and major changes in sex drive. Dealing with low libido treatments means being understanding of the short term changes and working towards the long term ones.

A good sexual relationship requires time and understanding. For men dealing with low libido, it is necessary to invest in a little more patience. The same goes for their partners – whose help can make a huge difference.

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