The Road Ahead For Couples Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

There is hardly any shame in suffering from erectile dysfunction. A large percentage of men face the problem each year. There are even more who do not talk about it with anybody. Instead, they simply shy away from sexual intercourse. If you are one of these men, read on to change all of that!

Men, if you are in a relationship or have a partner, dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a roller coaster ride. Agreed, it puts a strain on your sex life. It leads to feelings of inadequacy at best and prevents you from getting intimate at worst. However, you should know that facing erectile dysfunction does not signal the end of your sex life.

There is medication available for erectile dysfunction that can help, obviously. That cannot help in bringing back the intimacy and confidence, however. Couples need to work on their relationship during this time. There are some basic yet effective ways to do so.

  1. Communicate – When you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a while, communication becomes essential. Men, it may be hard to start but talking is the beginning of the path. Talk to your partner about how you would like to move forward in the relationship. Listen to their doubts and allow them to speak their mind. In turn, be open to your partner instead of hiding away.

Most partners will be understanding and open, helping you in getting over feelings of inadequacy. This is also the time to discuss new ideas in the bedroom. It will take some time to get into the habit, but it is rewarding in the long run. You can also consider therapy in order to move forward with ease.

  1. Foreplay – Nothing beats a round of good foreplay, especially when suffering from erectile dysfunction. Instead of simply jumping into the act, couples should spend time in extending foreplay. All of the time spent cuddling, getting to know each other all over again and performing foreplay is essential in rebuilding confidence and intimacy.

A lot of men will feel as if they are unable to perform in any way after dealing with erectile dysfunction for a long time. Performing foreplay such as oral sex on their partner can help them feel confident. It allows them to take control and understand that impotence does not come in their way of providing pleasure.

  1. Sexual Aids – A number of couples overlook sexual aids when suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is a natural course of action to try and work on curing the impotence instead of using toys. However, they do serve a therapeutic purpose. Sexual aids can be utilized in slowly building up the sex life after it has died down to an extent.

A number of counsellors would suggest using aids to bring some spice in the sex life. There is also an option of sexual surrogates, but that takes an open minded approach towards the relationship. The ultimate goal is to find a space where the couple can be playful and open about their desires.

  1. Alternatives To Sex – Even if these options do not work, don’t lose heart. It’s not all about the bedroom at the end. When suffering from erectile dysfunction, consider taking up activities that bring your closer as a couple. It could be learning a new skill or taking up a hobby – anything works! The idea is to take away the pressure from the bedroom.

Once your medication kicks in, the side effects of erectile dysfunction will slowly disappear. If you are able to work in these simple ways to bond, then the result is worth it. Men, you must remember that suffering from erectile dysfunction is not the end of the world. It is the starting of a whole new one!

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