Kick Start Your Sex Life With Exercise

Exercise is good for just about anything. It makes you feel fitter, eases the body through aging and can help reduce the side effects of various medical conditions. What’s more, you can easily kick start your sex life with exercise. Men, are you listening?

It may sound like a stretch, but daily exercise and sex are related to each other. After all, sex is just another function of the body. Exercise helps in refining it and keeping the process moving along. It helps with male sexual health both in the short and long term.

Still not convinced? Well, there are three major reasons why should mix your sex life with exercise.

  • Enhanced Sexual Performance – At the very core of it, sexual intercourse requires you to put in a fair bit of effort. It takes stamina and staying power. If your body is lazy and the muscles weak, this can be a difficult task.

At the core of many male sexual health issues is a body that is not functioning, as it should. Common medical conditions in men such as hypertension, thyroid and diabetes causes lack of sex drive. Since exercise helps in reducing the effects of these conditions, it leads to an increased sex drive in men.

It also increases the blood flow to all muscles – including the pelvic muscles. As the muscles strengthen, so does the interest in sex. As a result, you can help your sex life with exercise by keeping your body in shape.

  • You Feel Better And Look Better – Speaking about being in shape, the way we look determines our sex drive as well. Men, if you haven’t been feeling all that attractive lately, it may be affecting your libido. Be honest – don’t you feel like you would be having a happier sex life if you looked better?

Exercise is of great help in this area. Regular exercise for thirty to sixty minutes a day is all that is needed. You do not need to hit the gym or download Couch to 5K apps for motivation. All you need is to get up and take a brisk walk outside. This is a great start. Do it six times a week if possible, otherwise four times is enough. Not only will you improve your sex life with exercise, you’ll start to notice definite changes in your body.

So go take a peek in the mirror after a month has gone by. You’ll seem fitter and will want to show it off. Looking and feeling good about our looks is important to a good sex drive. This is how one can change their sex life with exercise.

  • Your Hormones Are Helping You – It’s not just the fresh air and movement that improves sex life with exercise. There are physical processes that start in your body once it gets into the habit of regular movement.

Firstly, the body starts to regulate the hormonal balance. This creates a regular flow of testosterone in the blood stream. At the same time, exercise releases endorphins – the happy hormone. Mix that in with some adrenaline being pumped through the system. The result is a heady hormonal cocktail that will have you feeling excited and happy. It is all that one needs for a strong sexual desire.

Now that you know why you improvements in you sex life with exercise, it’s time to learn how. The regular exercise from walking or running and the gym is good. There are two specific ones you should know about as well.

#1. Breathing, Stretching and Meditating

Working on your breathing and stretching before exercising is good. It serves as a warm up for the body and gets the blood pumping. However, you should incorporate it as an important part of improving sex life with exercise.

Controlling your breathing and stretching your body like in yoga can increase durability and flexibility of the body. It allows you to take control of your movements and stamina as well. Men, also consider meditating for small amounts of time to prevent stress and distractions

Having a clear mind will keep you focused on improving your sex life and on your partner when in bed. The lack of constant stress will allow you to focus on improving your sexual health. It will more or less free up your mind!

#2. Pelvic Floor Exercises

The muscles of your pelvic area are rather important during sex. The blood flow is routed through it and a weak pelvis will lack stamina. Even worse, it could cause pain during sex and lead to a lowered interest. To keep an energetic sex life with exercise, strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Learning kegel exercises can be quite helpful, as well as exercises aimed at the hips. They can also aid in cases of low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Male sexual health issues benefit from the increased blood flow and feeling of rejuvenation.

A word of caution – do not overdo any of these. Too much strain can damage the pelvic floor or leave you in a state of exhaustion. A moderate amount of effort is enough to improve your sex life with exercise.

Ultimately, the body is a machine that needs to be well oiled. If it is taken care of, avoiding common male sexual problems becomes that much easier. A good diet and lifestyle can add a lot to it.

Simply take charge of your day and work it around getting active. In no time, you will notice the many benefits in your sex life with exercise.

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