Heart Attack and Erectile Dysfunction

Heart patients for precaution are mostly advised to cut down on their amount of sexual intercourse. Does this mean they cannot have sex? Does this mean they cannot have children? No.

The advice furnished by any doctor does not mean to say completely big no to a sexual act. What it exactly means is that for a certain period, one needs to strike the balance and prevent one’s heart from any pressure, which might pose a threat to the heart.

The word balance is very important to remember.

According to research studies because many couples are ill informed they completely avoid engaging in sexual intercourse with their partner.

On the other hand, prominent researchers and doctors stress that it’s normal to have sex after one experiences heart attack, but certain gap needs to be taken along with due precaution.

Heart Attack

A weak heart is more vulnerable to attack. Once the smooth functioning of various parts of our body is hindered, a wide range of disturbing health conditions begins to manifest.

These conditions either take the form of heart attack or high blood pressure or any other major diseases.

The constant and gradual building up of plaque inside the artery is very dangerous. Arteries in our body perform the function of delivering or carrying oxygenated blood to the various organs in our body.

As the plaque chokes these very arteries carrying blood to the heart, odds of one encountering heart attack at any time sharply increases.

Doctors have always stressed the need to incorporate activities and eating habits that promise to leave your heart more strong and healthier.

Complaints related to a sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory disorder and likes are indicative of one’s experiencing diseases such as heart attack or stroke in the near future.

Similarly, once an individual suffers a heart attack his chances of experiencing a sexual disorder of any sort increases manifold.

You Can Control Some of the Factors That Leads to Heart Diseases

Not all, but some of the risk factors that leads to any sort of heart diseases can be controlled. It can be controlled only if one is willing to observe certain schedule. A few common risk factors that make sure you encounter any of the various types of coronary heart diseases include-

  • High blood pressure
  • High level of bad cholesterol
  • Overweight
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Drinking

Kill the Danger of Obesity or Drinking in Their Infancy Itself

The above mentioned can easily be controlled and regularly checked. Controlling risk factors that could lead to heart diseases becomes difficult as one age.

Therefore, a good amount of physical workout among children and adults is important.

Controlling obesity and drinking once they crystallize as a habit is very difficult and stays with you for long.

Various surgeries and medical treatments, which are today readily available, however, have made the process of reducing weight or the habit of smoking or drinking a bit easier.

Keeping far from alcohol and at the same time adopting healthy habits such as physical exercise and likes can help men stay healthy and reduce their risk of having or suffering from heart attack.

How Should One Slash The Chances Of Suffering From Heart Disease?

Of course by new improved medications and treatments, one can reduce his chances of suffering from heart attack and other diseases. But then they can be expensive.

The most cost effective way of helping yourself is via physical exercise.

Physical exercises like walking, swimming and like have proven to be very effective in controlling high blood pressure and obesity.

Some of the effective ways to control heart diseases are-

Say no to smoking

Say big yes to physical exercise

Manage your stress and consider counseling if needed

Keep a check on your weight

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction just like any other sexual disorder disturbs a man mentally.

Once mentally disturbed, the concerned person suffers other mental disorder like depression or anxiety.

A person with some serious medical history like a heart attack or diabetes or prostate surgery is certain to experience erectile dysfunction at some stage of their life.

Inability in maintaining an erection also affects their self-esteem.  Buy Erect on Demand if you want to maintain a healthy erection.

Erectile Dysfunction – How Are They Caused?

Age plays a very important role in almost everything. It is a very well known fact that as one ages, complaints related to sexual disorder becomes common.

Because, today we have innumerable treatments and medications at our disposal, countering the issue of sexual disorder tends to become simpler.

In the recent years, the numbers of people of various age groups opting for treatments for their sexual issues have skyrocketed.

The availability of wide range of medications and treatments for sexual disorder does not necessarily mean they are fit for everyone.

In many countries, there have been discussions as not to allow or administer surgeries and heavy treatments for sexual disorder among aged population. Many times certain medications and drugs administered in order to control these disorders backfire and lend a person in the arms of other diseases.

To top the list of these unintentionally invited diseases is depression and obesity.

The stress to consult an expert doctor before opting for any drug usage or therapy is maintained because once the medication is flawed many unwanted health conditions springs up.

Sexual disorders are now treatable. It is because of advanced technologies and medication today one with a sexual disorder can lead a normal life.

Timely medical intervention not only reduces the chances but also minimizes the effect of the various diseases.