Functions of Testosterone in the Male Body

Formation and functioning of several different hormones including testosterone in a male body widely differ from those in women’s body.

Both the gender produces hormones suitable for their growth and development. And both the gender at one or the later stage of their life complains of suffering from one of the various forms of sexual dysfunctions.

Complaints of experiencing sexual disorders among elderly population are common. One must, however, keep this bit of information handy that sexual disorders are not exclusive among aged people.

The bulk of studies carried out in a bid to understand sexual disorders stands as a testimony to it. These studies reveal that the issue affects both the gender and younger population, equally.

What Is Testosterone?

A testis in a male body assists in the production of a sex hormone. This sex hormone is also known as male hormone or testosterone.

Importance of Testosterone in the Male Body

  • Sufficient production of testosterone helps men develop in their characteristics fashion
  • It is because of the production of adequate testosterone men can grow a beard and have a masculine voice.
  • Testosterone also helps in the growth, development, and formation of muscle and bone mass.
  • Scientists also claim that presence of high level of testosterone in male body lowers their risk of heart attack and many times high blood pressure.

Some Other Interesting and Important Functions of Testosterone

Why production of an adequate quantity of testosterone is important for men is because it facilitates their physical development. Testosterone brings about the gradual physical changes observed in young boys.

  • Testosterone aid in the growth of testes and penis, when used in conjuction with Eerct on Demand.
  • Testosterone also leads men in getting mannish voice
  • It helps men by facilitating the development of their physical posture like height
  • It facilitates the growth of hair on a human body. In men, particularly, in the form of a beard.
  • The major function of testosterone is that it boosts the production of sperm count in men.

Working of a Testosterone

The level of testosterone produced in our body changes on an hourly basis. One affected with low testosterone must mandatorily get his testosterone level checked with a qualified doctor.

The pituitary gland and the brain control production of testosterone in a male body. Once the process is done, testosterone flows throughout the body to perform its various important functions.

Notice These Signs and Symptoms

Expert doctors stress that detecting low testosterone could be a bit tricky; therefore, one must stand guard to notice the slightest of changes in one’s body or feeling towards sexual intercourse with one’s partner.

The following are some of the commonly noticed signs and symptoms among men with complaint of low testosterone-

  • Decreasing interest towards sexual intimacy
  • Constant fatigue
  • Difficult in getting an erection
  • Production of sperm drops drastically
  • Unusual growth of breast

It might not always be easy to detect the symptoms mentioned above.

Some of the symptoms such as fatigue or low sex drive could be due to too much of physical workout or stress related to job or relation.

In cases such as these one must try to observe the persistence of the same condition. If the symptoms exist for more than normal duration, visiting one’s doctors becomes necessary.

Consulting a Doctor

A trip to one’s doctor becomes of prime importance if one is convinced that a particular symptom has been consistent.

Details such as for how long one has been noticing the symptoms, when did the symptoms first show up and all will help the doctor in administering suitable medications. The first thing any doctor will order is to get one’s blood tested.

With suitable medication odds of reliving one’s life at its fullest increases. And remember, odds increases because one opts for timely medication without hesitation.