Fighting Against the Psychological Causes of Low Libido in Men

When people say that life was easier in the yesteryear, there may be a grain of truth in it. As the years roll on, as do the problems we face in life. One of them that has cropped up are the psychological causes of low libido in men. That’s right – there are a number of reasons that affect our mental health and in turn – our interest in the bedroom.

There are four main psychological causes of low libido that can be identified. Here, we talk about their effects on the body and treatments that can be tried.

Cause – Mental Distractions

Simply put, there are a number of times when the mind simply does not function. We live in a hyper connected world, where the option of switching off is becoming a luxury. Amongst the many psychological causes of low libido in men, mental distractions is pretty high up.

There is no dearth of reasons to be distracted. Constant connectivity to work and social media is probably the top reason. We keep checking our e-mails and messages and updating social media accounts in a must. A deluge of information coming our way from TV and our surroundings doesn’t help either

Effect – When so much of our processing power is spent in trying to keep up with this deluge, no wonder there isn’t time for intimacy. Our brains are often unable to switch off and concentrate on the present. As a result, we see low libido in men.

Treatment – There is no such treatment for distractions, but there are ways to cut them off. If you find yourself constantly engaged, start putting them aside. This means that phones should be switched off or put on silent mode. The TV and iPad can be turned off. Try making time for yourself to relax and focus on other things in life. This is the easiest way to start working on the psychological causes of low libido.

Cause – Stress

If the brain does not find time to shut off, then stress is bound to happen. There is constant stress from a rather young age these days. It starts from the end of high school, goes on to college and then stays for the years to come. Whether it is about student loan payments or mortgage and other debts, stress has become a part of life.

Effect – There are few activities that can happen in peace when there is so much stress on the mind. We tend to lose concentration when it comes to daily tasks, intimacy being one of them. At the same time, it is hard to get into the mood when the gloom caused by stress is in your head.

When the libido dips, men begin to take stress over their lack of interest as well. It becomes a vicious circle. Over time, this can cause physical wear and tear to the body, preventing the libido from rising. And so, it becomes another one of the psychological causes of low libido.

Treatment – The best way to deal with and treat stress is to find ways to decrease it. This is easier said than done in most cases, and requires some mindfulness. A lot of people find that they can decrease psychological causes of low libido with the help of meditation. Others find that taking up a hobby or a recreational activity can help quite a bit.

Cause – Lack of Exercise

A fast paced life based around work and pleasure means that there’s not much exercise in the mix. When we’re young, it may not seem like a big deal. As the years go on, it becomes necessary to get some.

Effect – Exercise regulates the systems of our body and keeps them in running order. Without it, the fat starts to build and the muscles begin to grow weaker. We stop looking as attractive as we once were. Hormone regulation tends to suffer to an extent, as does our interest in sex.

Feeling unattractive doesn’t help the situation either. Neither does being out of energy most of the time. It can often lead to feeling unable to perform in bed. Put together, it becomes one of the psychological causes of low libido.

Treatment – The only way to fix lack of exercise is to get the muscles moving again. It doesn’t need to be a hard core workout. Just moving out for thirty minutes a day and taking a brisk walk can be of great help. Couples can work out together for inspiration getting the libido moving up.

Cause – Lack of Intimacy

This is almost a no-brainer for men in relationships. A lack of intimacy is an important one of the psychological causes of low libido. Men that do not feel attracted to their partner do not feel like engaging with them.

Effect – This is a pretty straightforward effect on the sex drive. Without feeling intimate in bed, a lot of men may not want to engage in sexual intercourse. This closely becomes a sexual health issue among a couple.

Treatment – Bringing back intimacy into a relationship is important for good sexual health. The first way to achieve this is by communicating with your partner. Help them understand your mood. Engage in activities for couples that can help you regain the intimacy. At the same time, tackle this psychological causes of low libido with the help of therapy.

Dealing with psychological causes of low libido may seem like an obstacle, but it is not. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort and in time, your sex drive can return to what it once was.

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