Taking Diabetes Lightly Can Hurt Your Sex Life

One of those diseases that stay with you for your entire life is diabetes. When diabetes is handled in a slipshod fashion on one’s part, it can result in numbers of disturbing conditions including sexual dysfunction.

Millions of people around the world find themselves under the clutches of diabetes. Living life with diabetes is not a good idea, isn’t it? Yes, one can lead an almost normal life, though battling with diabetes, thanks to well-advanced medicines.

What is disturbing is not the gigantic number of diabetic patients that runs into millions, but the fact that a large chunk of this gigantic figure is far from knowing that they are suffering from diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes In Simple Parlance

Well, when it is the millions who are plagued with this life-long disease that goes as far as to wreck one’s sexual life, understanding them in detail becomes quite imperative.

  • Glucose in our blood enters into our body’s cell with the help of insulin.
  • Pancreas in our body produces the hormone insulin, which then facilitates glucose to enter the body’s cell.
  • Entry of glucose into our body’s cell is important; for it keeps us going and helps us lead a normal fatigue-free life.
  • From the carbohydrates we digest, our body receives adequate glucose.
  • Our liver also facilitates production of glucose
  • Now, Diabetes takes place because of excess, or, say high level, of glucose in our blood. Such a condition occurs as pancreas fails to produce the very important insulin.

A Few Symptoms Commonly Found Among Diabetics

One can easily spot the following symptoms among any diabetic, for these are universal symptoms.

  • Abrupt weight gain
  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Continual urination
  • Constant fatigue
  • Wounds that do not heal or takes more than normal duration
  • Irregular and continual eating habits, and excessive thirst

How Shall One Come Forward And Actively Counter The Situation?

Being one such disease that also causes high blood sugar level, handling this crisis-like condition tactfully is important. Since the body fails to produce adequate or zero amount of insulin, taking insulin injection throughout one’s life becomes mandatory.

Some general care as seen from the Erect on Demand review that one must maintain includes-

  • Follow a strict eating schedule. Eat only that is healthy and prescribed by a physician.
  • Do yoga, exercise and other different types of aerobics
  • Never skip your medications
  • Regular blood test is a must
  • Quit smoking

Along With Diabetes One Encounters Many Other Diseases

It’s true. Along with diabetes, one encounters many other unsettling and dreadful diseases.

The other diseases that come uninvited are-

  • Mental disorder
  • Loss of hearing
  • Gastro paresis
  • Neuropathy
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Complications related to heart and foot and eye
  • Erectile dysfunctions

How Is Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction Associated?

For complete and normal sexual intercourse men needs to maintain an adequate level of erection. The process of sexual intercourse is hindered if men fail in achieving an erection for a suitable duration.

Rapid and a good amount of blood must enter into men’s sexual organ that is a penis, for this helps in keeping and maintaining an accurate erection.

By affecting the functioning of nerves and flow of blood throughout the body including male genitals, diabetes leads to some very serious and distressing form of sexual dysfunctions.

The Heinous impact of diabetes does not stop at erectile dysfunction. It also leads to other sexual disorders such as low libido, low testosterone and also ejaculatory disorder.

Low Libido and Its Causes

Age plays a major role in men experiencing any sort of sexual disorders. The Gradual decline of interest in the sexual act can be said to be normal so long the level interest in no intimacy exists for few days or even months.

Persistence of the issue for long duration is not normal, though, and it needs to be consulted.

Several factors that cause low libido include strain on a body due to excessive physical exercise, mental disorder, depression and excessive stress, usage of drugs and much more.

Low Testosterone and Its Causes

Reduced level of testosterone can cause lower desire for sexual intercourse and can also hamper maintaining required erection.

Detection of the issue is confusing. This difficulty in detection makes it even more important to know the various effects of low testosterone.

Some of the most common causes of low testosterone are thinning of bone mass, mood swing, lack of sexual desire, fatigue and likes.

Ejaculatory Disorder

Experiencing ejaculation too soon or too late or not at all is mentally disturbing for men. Male genders find it difficult to break the conventional belief and accept or acknowledge the prevalence of any such symptom or issue in them.

A whole lot of studies conducted on the sexual disorders in men found that although the issue exists in every third person, acknowledgments regarding the prevalence of these issues are very limited. What holds them from opening up is the stigma attached to sexual disorders.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prostrate surgery, usage of antidepressants, prolonged medications, penile injury, damage to the nerves, mental disorders, and much more causes ejaculation disorder.

Seek Assistance Before The Situation Slips Out Of Your Hand

In many cases, medications cannot cure the disease completely, but it can assist men to lead an almost normal life.

In instances where medication does the magic of curing the disease 100%, a man takes the necessary precaution so that disease doesn’t come back.

The chance of one’s reaching out to seek medical attention increases and improves if one is laced with general information related to several sexual disorders.

Those with a medical history of any major diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure or issues of stroke must remain aware of the various do’s and don’ts of their ailment and also how it affects their sexual life.

In cases where diabetes is found to be the only issue that causes erectile dysfunction or any form of sexual disorders, with necessary treatment one can again enjoy a normal and healthy sexual life with their partner.

Drawing timely attention is smart, important and need of the hour.