Diabetes and Depression, The Two-Leading Causes Of Sexual Disorder

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but when it’s diabetes, it leaves you with a sexual disorder.

Diabetes is one of the several diseases which if once creeps into your body stays forever. This disease, which in most cases is hereditary, affects your health to such an extent that performing everyday schedule becomes unusually difficult.

And depression is nothing less than a nightmare. Another unfortunate effect of depression is that it makes people feel low, incompetent, undeserving and terribly degrades one’s sexual life.

Diabetes Needs To Be Controlled

The importance of keeping your diabetes need not be stressed.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead you to other vicious diseases. It could cause a stroke, a heart attack or blood pressure and in extreme cases, it could also be fatal.

Repeated suggestions from specialists as well as researchers highlight that a diabetic patient, suffering either from type-1 or type-2 diabetes, can live a normal life. Excellent management and effective lifestyle can keep them healthy and confident.

A closely planned schedule that provides adequate energy at the same time keeps a check on sugar level in diabetics is important, since they continually complain of fatigue, weakness, hunger or thirst.

How Is Diabetes Caused?

The risk of diabetes is way higher among people with obesity, high blood pressure, high level of bad cholesterol and certainly among inveterate smokers and alcoholics.

When the level of glucose in one’s body exceeds the normal limit, disease such as diabetes occurs. One complaints of fatigue and many a time blackouts because glucose, which is normally supposed to be present in one’s body, cells accumulate in the blood.

Primary function that is the flow of blood across the various parts of one’s body is disrupted because of improperly looked after diabetes. The serious condition developed turns more serious when medications and treatments prescribed are skipped and neglected.

This very flow of blood throughout body parts including genitals helps a man in getting erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

During the time of erection, the flow of blood into the male sexual organ penis increases twice as much during normal time. The more the flow of blood the better and firmer the erection.

Diabetes is notorious in disrupting and affecting functions of the artery. Therefore, one can understand how diabetes affects one’s sexual life.

By Careful Management Of Your Diabetes Reduce The Chances Of Sexual Disorder

Follow a few basic and effective steps to keep diabetes and sexual disorder under control. Effective steps from Erect on Demand include –

  • Regular checkup of cholesterol level
  • Regular checkup of blood pressure
  • Physical exercise – obese people are vulnerable to diseases like diabetes or heart attack. Abrupt weight gain is common among diabetics. This particular trend makes physical exercise important for diabetes patients.
  • Strict control on diet – avoid junk food, sweet and excess calories
  • Timely medications – whether one is using insulin injection or insulin tablet, skipping of these can be very dangerous and can lead to extreme difficulties. Maintaining a schedule is, therefore, not only important but also wise.
  • Decent amount of alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can prove to be fatal for diabetic patients. Recent research studies, however, indicate that decent amount of alcohol along with lunch or dinner is not dangerous.

Depression – Rarely Understood Form Of Disorder Derails Your Sex Life

Being sad does not mean one is suffering from depression. Certain chemical changes that take place in the brain leads to depression. Researchers have yet not been able to single out one definite cause of depression.

Depression can be triggered due to several reasons such as-

  • Constant failure
  • Changes in hormone
  • Change in environment
  • Family history
  • The death of loved ones
  • Troubled relation
  • Mental stress due to work

Depression and Suicide

Depression damages relation beyond repair. One suffering from depression needs love, attention, care, and medication.

It is a form of the disorder, which apart from driving people almost close to insanity, develops suicidal thoughts.

An individual struggling with depression is seldom in his senses and does everything abnormal to a normal person.

People have very inadequately understood the complicated issue of depression. Anger and mood swings are very commonly seen among those depressed.

To put up with a depressed person is not an easy task. But it is during such time when emotional support must be unconditionally extended.

Depression and Sexual Disorder

Identifying any particular reason for an individual’s depression is a daunting task. General knowledge among people regarding depression, its causes, and its effects and also about its treatments is poor. On top of that several social stigma attached to the issue makes it difficult for an individual to discuss his mental grief.

For a depressed individual lacking interest in sexual intimacy with their partner is common. Any unpleasant experience also fuels his lack of desire to engage in intercourse.

Signal sent to brain boosts flow of blood to the male genitals that then helps them maintain an erection.

The brain plays a very significant role during the time of sexual intercourse. Since depression brings about chemical changes in the brain, it becomes quite easy to comprehend how depression affects one’s sex life.

Ways To Handle Depression

The shortage of knowledge related to depression is troubling. In recent years, people have shown a considerable change in their attitude. Not only do they come forward to seek medical assistance but also encourage friends and family to follow the suit.

Some common ways of handling depression are-

  • Provide emotional support to the one with such complaint
  • Seek medical guidance and express the issue frankly
  • Start meditation and also physical exercises
  • Talk to your partner
  • Don’t stuff yourself with junk but try and focus on the brighter side

Understanding diabetes and depression can be taxing, but the interesting thing to be noted is that they can be controlled.

Sexual dysfunctions can be effectively avoided with good management of these two diseases.