Depression and Sexual Health – What a Man Must Know

That one decision you take of settling down with the woman that makes your heart sing at the first glance of her changes your life forever. As you begin to write the first chapter of your new life, there lie many great chances of you skipping a few vital topics.

Out of these vital topics, the one of primary importance is health.

A loving couple can add more meaning and color to their life if they are at the peak of their health.

Life is not a 1000km or 5000km race that you run and win in one go. Life is much similar to a marathon race, where you keep running for a considerable stretch of time.

Not a very good analogy, but the point being made here is that life is important, and one thing that makes life worthwhile is good health. And because life is like a marathon, being in good shape and physically fit becomes very important.

Importance Of Good Sexual Relation

Of course, a good sexual relation between couples is important. But this is not it. A whole lot of another element that goes into making a relationship between couples more meaningful are-

  • Communication
  • Friendship
  • Care
  • Affection
  • Concern
  • Love

The sexual relation can be said to be a part of a healthy relation. It is a sexual relation that makes communication between a couple easier and meaningful.

The bud of friendship bloom on to become a pretty flower when a couple shares a healthy sexual relation.

And, it has been scientifically proven that that couples who share good sexual relation tend to grow more caring, affectionate towards each other.

In a nutshell, sexual relation plays a pivotal role in a couple’s life as it strengthens the bond between them.

How To Maintain A Healthy Sexual Relation

If you think by increasing the duration of sexual intercourse from once in a week to twice or from once in a month to twice would help, then you are wrong.

The key to a healthy sexual relation is communication. It has always been stressed that for an enriched life one’s health is of prime importance.

Many times it happens that the most understanding couple hit rock bottom in their relation due to lack of communication. Without open dialog, couples find it extremely difficult to share each other’s personal issue.

According to the findings of research studies, a majority of the male population suffers sexual disorder and maintains silence on the subject.

Since sexual relation turns couple more emotional towards each other, the sudden fall or decline in the interest level of a male in their partner hurts their partner mentally and emotionally.

It is, however, the male who suffers the most because of their inability to explain what they are going through. Communication is one gunshot way to stress-free life, and Erect On Demand helps too. It might not cure one’s disease but will open up many ways of recovery.

Effects Of Depression

What is depression? How is it caused? What are the various treatments available for the one suffering from depression? Is it curable?

The awareness about these questions in general public is horribly low. Why is it important to have answers to these question mentioned above? Because more than millions of people around the world succumb to depression annually. Upsetting, right?

Changes Depression Brings in One’s Life and How It Affects One’s Lifestyle

Depression brings about a drastic change in one’s lifestyle. A depressed person is awfully unproductive. He is uninterested, if not disinterested, in any activity.

He loses interest in living, in an extreme situation, takes the harsh step of suicide.

Depression affects one’s sexual performance and interest in sexual intimacy with one’s partner. Depression leads to low libido. It also leads to the production of low amount of testosterone.

Treatments Available For Depression

Because depression is highly misunderstood or not understood at all, whether there exists treatment and medication for the same remains a mystery. What makes treatment of a depressed person important?

Depressed individuals are often lost and experience the feeling of complete hopelessness. They live in degraded situation mentally.

They are always at the risk of committing suicide due to the low mental health. It isn’t a shocker that depressed people are most likely to give up in life suddenly.

The fact that he could have lived on, if he were provided with adequate care and attention, makes the treatment of a depressed person important.

Depression is a serious disorder and, therefore, treatments available for it includes:

  • Counseling
  • Therapy from psychiatrist
  • Therapy from psychologist
  • Antidepressant
  • Meditation
  • Physical activity
  • Communication with friends and family

Understanding Depression And How It Affects One’s Sexual Life

Depression can lead to sexual disorder, and there are equal chances of suffering from depression due to a sudden realization of the prevalence of the issue of any type.

No one disease or issue leads to another disease or issue. Various issues come together to bring about an effect in form of diseases.

Thorough understanding of each of these issues can help men dodge many health issues including certain sexual disorders like low testosterone, orgasm disorder, ejaculatory dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.

Treatments available are nothing but a waste if it does not help men counter the issue.

Therefore, it is very important to educate yourself and your partner about various health and sexual disorders including depression so that when they knock on the door, you resort to treatment instead of solitary confinement.