Can Depression and Obesity Affect Your Romantic Life?

Depression and obesity, two different forms of health issue, holds the potential to cast a dark and heavy cloud on your married life.

Sex is perhaps one of those topics, which are not so very openly discussed. But it has its own importance.

Between couples, sexual intercourse plays a very important role. Speaking of its role, sex is not limited to intimacy, but it also brings couple closer emotionally and strengthens the bond between them.

Many a couple experiencing a sexual disorder of any sort give up too soon. The thought that the uninvited sexual disorder could be due to any other disorder fails to occur, and they blindly accuse each other or suffer silently.

Can Depression Affect Your Sex Life?

Depression can shake the very foundation of your sex life. Depression is a synonym for tragedy. Millions of people suffer from depression and find themselves helpless. On finding no apparent ways to handle the issue some resort to suicide and some chose to make a permanent home into this temporary situation.

Yes, depression can, and it does affect your sex life.   It is not very unusual to find people who refer to a depressed person as ‘sad,’ ‘blue’. Well, this sadness that actually makes it home in the very life of a depressed person has an explanation.

Sadness is an emotion just like any other, but it is an unpleasant one. In a depressed person’s brain certain chemical changes take place. It is these changes that are often said to be the reason for his constant sadness or gloominess.

What Probably Could Be The Various Reasons For A Person’s Depression?

Let’s understand depression, once again, in simplest terms. A person becomes depressed when anything affects him mentally and disturbs him emotionally for a long period.

The reason for depression for one person may be different than another. This means reasons for depression varies. Researchers, however, have narrowed down the possible reasons for a person’s depression. These include:

  • Poor productivity at work
  • Riffs and arguments with partner or friends
  • Fatigue
  • Mental stress and disturbance
  • Constant medications
  • Usage of drugs, alcohols, and cigarettes
  • Too much of work

Availability Of Treatments And Medication For One With Depression

Zero communication from a patient often makes tackling the situation complicated. Now that the issue has begun to be understood by people, what possible treatment we have must be known.

Here listed is some of the most common yet effective treatment for tackling depression-

  • Counseling
  • Usage of antidepressants – the dosage of these administered drugs must be checked carefully. Excess of consumption such drugs can also claim your life.
  • Physical exercise including aerobics
  • Mediation – it has a soothing and healing power. Since centuries, we have been using this method of calming our body, mind, and soul.
  • Sharing of dialogs between friends and family

Can Obesity Affect Your Sex Life?

Obesity apart from damaging your sexual relation invites a whole new range of other diseases. There is not much difference between an overweight person and an obese person. Incorrect eating habits and lack of discipline result into obesity.  Erect On Demand advises you to deal with obesity as a precursor to hel

The number of obese people across the world has grown thanks to the fancy junk food outlets about every corner of the street.

Zero self-discipline and lack of motivation to get into better shape are also another reason. Obesity very harshly prevents one from performing one’s regular work and also prevents one from living life freely.

As one becomes obese, he is affected by a variety of diseases. And there also exists such type of diseases that leads you to the path of obesity in case you fail to manage the concerned disease.

For example- it is commonly seen that when a diabetic patient fails to maintain and follow a regular diet plan or work schedule, they often become overweight.

Obesity is also common among smokers. Obesity in itself is dangerous, and it multiplies its hazardous effect by bringing other dreadful diseases.

Are There Any Ways To Handle The Growing Issue Obesity?

Indeed. Obesity can be quite successfully handled. There have been many research studies, which reveal and narrate stories of people who have been obese beyond imagination.

Walking and performing everyday chores had become impossible for them. With due medical attention, guidance and medication, obese people found incredible changes in their body and lifestyle as a whole.

What does it takes to lose calories and get in decent shape? Indomitable belief and faith and perseverance.

Rome was not built in one day so goes one of the sayings. When one is focusing on losing weight, he must avoid everything that does not serve the purpose.

Some of the ways you can help yourself with are;

  • Physical exercise; movement of various parts of the body is important. It ensures no additional fat is stored in your body and is used just as it should be.
  • Meditation; Meditation has a healing power. It softens the rough edges of your mind, leaving it completely calm and serene.
  • Walking: Walking is nothing but exercising your muscle.
  • Signup for more educational and fun activities
  • In case one is genetically diabetic, he can continue with the prescription rather than leaving everything and relying on others.

Depression and obesity can cause serious damage to one’s sex life. Sexual disorders if goes unchecked for a very long duration reduces one’s desire to connect with one’s partner.

They affect the very hormones responsible for boosting sex drive in men. And in many cases, a sexual disorder such as an ejaculatory disorder or erectile dysfunction completely kills the romance from one’s relation by affecting the act of sexual act.

Keep An Eye And Get It Checked By Your Doctor

If diagnosed earlier, your doctor can work on these diseases.

Therefore, medical journals and experts always stress on the need to communicate with a doctor in case any of these disorders begins to show the symptom of its occurrence in your body.